Jimi Hendrix Photo Triptych by Robert Hewgley

Jimi Hendrix Photo Triptych by Robert Hewgley


Original hand printed photographs by Robert Hewgley.

From the Unseen Hendrix collection by photographer Robert Hewgley, shown for the first time on 7th November 2014 at Modern Rocks Gallery.

Signed Limited Special Edition - only 5 available, with the guarantee this unique triptych will never be printed in this format again

In April 1969 the Jimi Hendrix Experience Band performed a concert in Raleigh, North Carolina. This was during the last American tour of the Experience Band and only four months before Woodstock.

Robert Hewgley - I 
shot these rare photos of Jimi Hendrix in April 1969. I print these original prints to fine art standards from the original negatives one at a time in a traditional wetlab darkroom - As an art student specializing in black and white photography I was well trained and equipped for the event. I was incredibly fortunate to gain access at the edge of the stage, giving me the chance to shoot quality closeup images using only available light - no flash. Original photos of Jimi Hendrix are not common. You can see many, many photos that were taken of Hendrix. There are very few that compare to these in intensity, drama, and technical quality. A rare combination.


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Each photograph in this unique triptych has been  individually printed to fine art standards from the original negative by the original photographer. These are not digital re-prints.

All photos in the Robert Hewgley, Jimi Hendrix collection are mounted on acid free mountboard, identified and signed on the board below the photo.