Pink Floyd fine art print signed by Storm Thorgerson

Pink Floyd fine art print signed by Storm Thorgerson


Rare signed limited edition fine art print by Storm Thorgerson, the photographer responsible for many iconic album covers including the iconic cover artwork for Pink Floyd.

Photographer’s notes:  We were asked to design a campaign image to advertise the back catalogue of Pink Floyd, well known popular music ensemble. Our resident black-frocked artiste, Finlay Cowan suggested humorously that we put Pink Floyd covers on the backs of female models. He laughed nervously, thinking that this was a bit on the obvious side. We decided to body paint the covers, rather than projection or compositing, which allows the contours to follow the attractive curves of the female models. In addition they would have course have to be unclothed, thus appealing to the testosterone levels. In order to display their backs more gracefully, they needed to sit somewhere, and the edge of a swimming pool seemed very natural. The poses adopted by the girls seemed equally natural. The finished artwork was used mainly as a poster, the alternate version you see here showed one of them slipping into the pool for a quick bathe. It is otherwise very similar to the published piece. 

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Embossed edition AV40, hand signed by Storm Thorgerson - Available in one size - 23.4" x 33.1"

Print Quality: Archival Fine Art print on Hahnemuhle paper.

Expect a delivery time of 3 weeks on print orders. Your print will be sent rolled in a new, high quality mailing tube with sufficient packing. You will be emailed shortly after your order is placed with an estimated delivery time.