Tom Waits Chicago 1976 by Herb Nolan

Tom Waits Chicago 1976 by Herb Nolan

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Tom Waits by Herb Nolan. Signed limited edition photographic print, hand printed by Herb himself in his Chicago darkroom.

Location - The Victoria Restaurant, Under the L Line, Belmont Avenue, Chicago
Date - Early 1976
Camera - Leica M4

You can read more information about Herb Nolan and his Tom Waits photo shoot by clicking here

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These unique Tom Waits photos are hand printed to order by Herb Nolan himself in his Chicago darkroom in two sizes:  11" x 14" and 16" x 20".

·       Total Limited Edition 60 per image

·       Print quality - Bergger semi matte double weight fiber based

As we are printing to order, please expect up to 3 week delivery time. We ship worldwide.

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