Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Collectors Edition by Norman Seeff

Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Collectors Edition by Norman Seeff


An extraordinary collection of photographs of the legendary Joni Mitchell, captured by celebrated photographer Norman Seeff.

It is a creative partnership that has lasted for over 40 years. Joni Mitchell, the artist behind celebrated hits “Help Me” and “Big Yellow Taxi,” and Norman Seeff, a rock-and-roll photographer with a host of legendary subjects in his portfolio, did some of their best work together. Joni was a truly authentic subject, able to surrender herself to the art and express herself freely within his lens. Through over a dozen sessions across more than a decade together, the photographer captured the many facets of her personality in some of her most famous images.

Joni: The Joni Mitchell Sessions is the culmination of their partnership. Timed to release on Joni’s 75th birthday, this collection of familiar and rare imagery tracks the pair’s history together through these exclusive moments captured on film. A combination of album artwork and candid shots reveals Joni’s personality in ways few have managed to capture before or since. Featuring commentary from Seeff on the enlightenment into his art that he gained from their sessions, this compilation is a true reflection on mutual creativity between artist and muse.

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Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions by Norman Seeff Collectors Edition Book

Package includes:

  • 1 Hardcover Book (11x14”, 200 pages) signed by the author in slipcase.

  • An original limited edition signed print.

  • Password protected access to Norman Seeff’s library of filmed sessions featuring artists exploring Joni as the Boundary Dweller and innovative artist. This footage also includes archival footage with Joni.

  • Norman Seeff’s 7-Stage road map of the Boundary Dweller Archetype as exemplified by Joni. Seeff’s description of the qualities that make up the Boundary Dweller Archetype serves as a tool to empower personal creativity. This original body of work introduces the public to the dynamic at the core of all innovative creativity.