Clay Perry

In the early 60s, Clay Perry was a regular at the Crawdaddy Rhythm & Blues club at the Station Hotel Richmond. It was a big part of the music scene at the time and 'The Rolling Stones' played there every weekend. Clay was good friends with their manager Giorgio Gomelsky, who also ran the club. Clay had recently left Guildford art school and was keen to establish himself as a freelance photographer. Being into R&B music, it seemed a good idea to work with the bands who were up and coming at the time. Around this time, 'The Rolling Stones' and Giorgio had parted company, but he had taken on a new group called 'The Yardbirds', who he thought would be as big as the Stones. Giorgio introduced Clay to the band and it was decided that he would go on the road with them covering their gigs in halls, pubs and venues around the country, mostly in the North. There wasn't much money around in those days, and he spent a good deal of time traveling around with 'The Yardbirds' in a beaten up old Ford Transit van, keeping musicians hours and sharing cheap digs in Northern cities.