Purchase a Modern Rocks Gallery Gift Certificate
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Gift certificates can be redeemed in the gallery, or used for online purchases** with a unique coupon code which will be emailed to you shortly after the certificate has been purchased. The recipient must either present the printed certificate in the gallery, or use their unique code on checkout with an online purchase. Gift certificates are valid for one year from the purchase date. 

Please select the amount from the dropbox below. If the amount you wish to use isn't there, you can make up the desired amount by adding more than one denomination to your shopping cart.

You can also arrange gift certificates by contacting me direct in the gallery by email (info@modernrocksgallery.com) or by calling (512) 524 1488.

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** If the recipient wishes to use the certificate for an online purchase, the item or items must be at least the same value as the certificate as gift certificates can only be used once online and credit cannot be given online for any amount not used. If someone wished to only partially use a gift certificate, please contact the gallery where we will issue a new certificate and code with the remaining amount at the end of any purchase.