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Sarah Frankie Linder


Fans of live music know Sarah’s work across a wide range of regional and national outlets, including Pitchfork and BrooklynVegan, but the Austin-based photographer’s new “On the Bright Side” collection shines a light on the high-speed art of live music photography. Using photos taken at music festivals and venues, Linder allowed the elusiveness of a blurred, auto-focus effect to create the foundation of each image. The color of each was manipulated, while retaining selected elements of the original, resulting in a new, fresh atmosphere captured in time.  By revitalizing these archived photographs in "On the Bright Side,” Linder invites the eye to explore a unique representation of the live music experience that is vibrant, curious, and thought-provoking.

"Having fulfilled my photo journalistic assignment, I realized that I had a further set of images from these shows that appealed more to my personal aesthetic. Inverting the darker tones to lighter tones, as I started to build the collection it became apparent that with this alternative process I felt I could communicate the visual side of the show on a more evocative and emotional level. The images seemed to remind me of the energy of the show I had seen through the lens from the photographers’ pit." - Sarah Frankie Linder