Storm Thorgerson

"Storm Thorgerson is the best album designer in the world." Look at the evidence. By which I mean look at your collection of LPs. Douglas Adams from ’Eye of the Storm’ 2000 Born, if that’s the word, in Potters Bar, Middlesex in 1944. Disturbed early years were followed by exciting teenage life in the early 1960’s, in Cambridge, from which emerged several artists and musicians including Pink Floyd. Adolescence blighted only by parents’ divorce. Dedicated student for six years reading English at Leicester University and then studying Film and TV at the Royal College of Art. Began Hipgnosis with Aubrey Powell in the 60’s, more by chance than anything, and ended up designing album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and many others. Turned to videos in 1983 by forming Green Back Films with Po and Peter Christopherson, and making clips for Paul Young, Yes, Robert Plant and Nik Kershaw, before disbanding in 1985. Later joined PMI, Harry Films and Lee Lacy and has been making films ever since. Storm has written and produced some of the most essential books on album cover design ever, including ’Walk Away Renee’, ’Mind Over Matter’ and ’Eye of the Storm’.