Kevin Cummins "But I Remember When We Were Young"

Manchester born Kevin Cummins has an international reputation as one of the world’s leading photographers, famed for his iconic portraits of musicians including Joy Division, New Order, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Mick Jagger, Patti Smith and Oasis. Modern Rocks Gallery are proud to announce the first retrospective show in the United States of the photographer’s work featuring his most iconic images.

Kevin Cummins "But I remember When We Were Young" opens on Saturday 28th September with Kevin in attendance.

. Book Signing event 3pm to 5pm

. Gallery opening reception 7pm to 10pm

As well as books and a full gallery show of signed limited edition prints, we'll also have a selection of Kevin's original work prints and some rare postcard sets.

Refreshments by ShillingCrafted

Kevin Cummins "But I remember When We Were Young" will run until Saturday 2nd November.

Steven Walker