Charles Moriarty

Back in 2003, when Charles Moriarty was asked by a mutual friend to photograph a local singer by the name of Amy Winehouse, he had no idea of the heights that the honest, self-assured 19-year-old he was introduced to would eventually reach. The Irish photographer ended up shooting the cover for Amy’s debut album, Frank, with the two striking up a friendship that remained tight for two years until Moriarty moved back to his home country. By the time he was back in London again, the girl from the photos – his friend – was now Amy Winehouse The Star; Moriarty could only watch from a distance as her story unfolded in the public eye.

In 2018, Charles released “Back To Amy”, a stunning book consisting of two shoots spread across London and New York in the lead-up to the release of her debut album Frank, these beautiful images capture a sense of fun, mischief and style, giving an early glimpse of a star in the making. The collection includes many photographs that have never been seen before, some of which are now available as signed limited edition prints from Modern Rocks Galley