Matt Anker

Photographer Matt Anker grew up in Kent and acquired his first camera at age 10, and began experimenting with a 35mm camera as a teenager, playing with distortion and colours. This led to his attending what was then the Medway School of Art and Design to study advertising and editorial photography. His first job was as an assistant to Jill Furmanovsky, which led to stints with Mel Yates, Nick Yates and Normski, eventually Matt was able to secure his own studio with Mel Yates. Small fanzines and indie magazines with obscure circulations documented bands such as Blur, The Inspiral Carpets and Carter USM, one such magazine, Lime Lizard, gave Matt his first break, and he was able to photograph the early careers of bands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana and others associated with the ’Grunge’ movement.