Daniel Johnston first performance in 1983 by Bruce Malone

Daniel Johnston first performance in 1983 by Bruce Malone

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Signed limited edition, fine art photograph of Daniel Johnston, taken in 1983 during his first live performance in Austin Texas by Bruce Malone.

Photographers notes: "I met Daniel while attending the University of Texas at Austin and had the good fortune of bringing my Hasselblad to a club named "The Beach" on the night of Daniel's first club performance in 1983.  The photograph is featured in the Award winning film "The Devil in Daniel Johnston" in which Kathy McCarty of the band Glass Eye remembers that Daniel was terrified to be on stage!"

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Daniel Johnston during his first club appearance, Austin 1983 by Bruce Malone

Printed on heavyweight fine art cotton rag - signed and hand numbered:

A. 12" x 12" - Edition 50 - $360
B. 18" x 18" - Edition 30 - $540
C. 22" x 22" - Edition 15  - $780
D. Large square format 30" x 30" - Edition 5 - $1800

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