Pink Floyd artwork by Storm Thorgerson

Pink Floyd artwork by Storm Thorgerson


Limited edition fine art Pink Floyd print by Storm Thorgerson.

Location: A country road in Essex, England in 1987

Photographer’s notes: The idea of beds for the Momentary Lapse cover came from a line of lyric - ‘Visions of an empty bed’ (Yet Another Movie) it was more than a momentary lapse, I can tell you, more like a day of complete lunacy. Or two days, as we had to shoot it twice. because of rain. But this is not the album cover; this is in fact an offshoot, a European tour poster, and I cunningly decided to put some beds ‘on the road’, and place them in a long line down the center stretching into the distance (it was a long tour) The road I had had in mind was one of those endless straight French roads with lines of trees on either side in order to accentuate the perspective and be properly European. Though the road in question is in Essex it looks French to me, especially with a French policeman and a ‘French’ maid who was also on the album cover. This picture is actually quite a rarity, being in normal color whereas the published piece was a black and white version, which was, then hand colored. The thing I remember most vividly was that we had the French gall to position the beds in an empty road without recourse to police or public and prayed for no interruption All hope springs eternal they say. There was no traffic; no police but there was rain, of course. Can’t have everything it seems mad to think I could...another momentary lapse of reason, clearly.

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Edition 20/20

20/20 is a series of prints which are more obscure and more personal, not necessarily frontline images but ones which are highly valued by Storm Thorgerson. 

Each print is signed by the designers at Storm's Studio, numbered and embossed with a custom designed 20/20 symbol.

Each print purchased will come with descriptive notes and technical details.

Available in one size - 33.1 x 23.4" - Print Quality: Archival Fine Art print on Hahnemuhle paper.

Expect a delivery time of 3 weeks on print orders. Your print will be sent rolled in a new, high quality mailing tube with sufficient packing. You will be emailed shortly after your order is placed with an estimated delivery time.